Clifton Hill Psychology charges the Medicare scheduled fee of $165.00. The rebate is $129.55 and can be claimed by internet or in person at a Medicare office. Fees are payable in cash or by credit card at the time of the appointment. Clients with a Health Care Card will be bulkbilled. Rebates for Clinical Psychologist fees are often available through private Health insurance. Fees are negotiable for sessions not covered by a rebate.


All communications with Clifton Hill Psychology will be kept confidential. The practice complies with the APS Code of Ethics. Records are secured in files with password protection or in a locked filing cabinet. Information or opinions will only be communicated with others when the client has signed a consent form.


However confidentiality with a psychologist is not protected in a court of law, so files must to be made available in response to a subpoena. Psychologists are also required by law to report to appropriate authorities when they believe that their client or another person is at risk of injury or abuse.